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Traffic Violations

If you have been stopped for speeding or accused of violating a traffic law, Aleksander Law Office is here to help. A speeding ticket or another traffic violation may result in serious penalties beyond a fine including points being assessed to your driving record, a license suspension, and a significant raise in your insurance premiums. Investing in legal representation to protect your interests is the best thing that you can do for your driving record.

Bail & bond reduction

Aleksander Law Office represents clients in Bail Reduction Proceedings. If you or a loved one is in jail on a bond that you cannot afford, call Anna Aleksander to discuss your situation and the possibility of reducing your bond.


After trial or an entry of a guilty plea you will be sentenced. Depending on your criminal history and the severity and the nature of your present misdemeanor or a felony offense, a number of alternatives to incarceration may be available to you. These alternatives may include:


Aleksander Law Office handles all misdemeanor cases in district court in Jefferson County and in the surrounding counties including Bullitt and Oldham. From arraignment to trial, if you or your loved one is accused of a misdemeanor you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.


Aleksander Law Office, defends felonies, as well as persistent felony offenders and represents defendants in felony probation revocation hearings. A felony charge is very serious and an attorney should be consulted immediately. Aleksander Law Office will handle all stages of your criminal defense with diligence and personal attention that you deserve.
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Probation Revocation

If you are facing a probation revocation in a felony or a misdemeanor case Anna Aleksander can help. In felony cases, Anna Aleksander, can help you by informally speaking with your probation officer and the prosecutor.
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EPO's / Domestic Violence

Aleksander Law Office defends people accused of domestic violence in the following proceedings: Civil Hearing, Contempt, and Criminal Proceedings.

Warrant Court

The only major difference between regular criminal court and warrant court is the way your case gets started. In the regular court, the warrant is taken out by the police.


If your case has been dismissed or if it has resulted in a misdemeanor or a violation conviction or a Class D drug possession, your criminal record including all arrest records can be permanently sealed, improving your chances of getting and keeping employment and enjoying life.

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